Unlike the flux of fintechs, our software solution is a part of our business model and proposition. The experts at myGini work side to side with you to increase your portfolio’s activity, engagement and profitability.

With an average experience of 25 years in the payments managing portfolios ranging from 20,000 to  80 million cards and 1.5 million merchants our experts’ contribution to your bank can be almost in any area you need to improve:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • ATMs
  • POS terminals and acquiring
  • EMV
  • Contactless
  • Mobile
  • Technology
  • Project Management
  • Marketing

creditcard portfolio 1

Credit Cards

  • New product development for any segment

  • Offer and reward program design

  • Card Design

  • Fraud prevention for e-commerce and international transactions

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Segmentation

  • Pricing

  • Budgeting

Debit Cards

  • Card Design

  • Purchase push programs

  • Reward design

  • Product design


  • Targeting merchants

  • Solutions for different segments
  • Technology sets
  • Rewards and offer design
  • Pricing
  • Partnering with retailers for offers


  • B2B vs B2C
  • Card design
  • Distribution channels
  • Top-up options


  • Full EMV scripts
  • Optional scripts(i.e over the air updates)
  • Both for issuing and acquiring
  • Tokenization and encryption


  • Contactless on credit cards

  • Contactless on debit cards

  • Contactless on mobile

  • EMV and fraud management


  • Wallet functions

  • Other card functions

  • Payments, HCE, stickers

  • GooglePay


  • Assessment of the current functionalities

  • Gap analysis with business needs

  • Process evaluation

Project Management

  • Roadmap Planning
  • Product Management
  • Loyalty and Offers Management
  • Project execution
myGini GLASS2


  • Card design
  • Value proposition design
  • Branding
  • Digital channels

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