Loyalty and Offers Management

myGini’s loyalty and offers engine targets consumers based on past shopping behavior and suggests best offers for them. More relevant offers urge consumers to use your card. They get a better shopping experience and receive benefits through real-time push notifications.

Create the largest variety of offers:

  • Instant discounts

  • Digital coupons
  • Cashbacks

  • Rewards points

  • Frequency offers

  • Spending thresholds

  • Real time points redemption
frequency offers

Personalize your offers with:

  • Favorited brands

  • Location analysis (GPS, mall and street mapping)
  • Past behavior in the app
  • Past transaction data

retailer brand preferences

Segment to maximize profitability

  • BIN and BIN range
  • Average spending
  • Time on books
  • Static demographics
  • Transactors versus revolvers
  • Less and non-actives
  • And many more
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Loyalty and offers management

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