myGini Integrates with Access Discount Network to Bring Consumer Rewards from over 300,000 Merchants to its Mobile Dynamic Loyalty Engine

  • The myGini loyalty app now enables financial institutions to broaden the scope of personalized rewards offered to customers on mobile
  • Provides retailers with increased visibility and reach for offers, discounts and coupons
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July 23, 2019myGini, the San Francisco-based fintech provider, today announced it has integrated with America’s largest discount network Access Developmentto expand and diversify the rewards pool offered by the myGini dynamic loyalty engine. U.S. consumers will gain access to personalized loyalty offers from over 300,000 merchants on myGini-powered mobile applications, enabling financial institutions and retailers to boost digital engagement, rewards visibility and customer loyalty.

A wealth of rewards and discounts from the Access merchant network are now available on the myGini mobile platform, including up to 50 per cent savings at restaurants, department stores, supermarkets and hotels with nationally recognized brands. The AI-powered dynamic loyalty engine tailors offers to individual shopper preferences, behavior and location to maximize customer engagement.

Banks and credit unions using the myGini app will be able to design more varied, flexible and interactive loyalty programs to boost their cards usage. Participating retailers will benefit from increased visibility and reach, as their coupons, discounts and offers become more accessible to users of the myGini mobile platform.

“More than ever, brick-and-mortar retailers and traditional financial institutions are looking to mobile technology to meet evolving customer expectations. The AI-driven myGini loyalty engine enables them stay one step ahead of these expectations,” explains myGini CEO & Founder Mehmet Sezgin. “The partnership with Access means that combined with thousands of already existing cash back offers, our mobile loyalty solution can provide the most relevant and exciting offers to consumers from an enriched pool of rewards and deliver even more value to U.S. consumers, wherever they shop.”

“This is a great time for brands to take advantage of digital technologies to elevate the customer experience and reward shoppers in many more ways,” said Access Development President Kelly Passey. “myGini’s integration with our merchant network is just what the market is looking for – leveraging our network to help more fintech and retail organizations bring these benefits to their customers.”

About myGini

Founded in 2016, myGini Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco and financed by a group of private investors. For more information about the company, please visit

About Access Development

For over 30 years, Access Development has helped organizations with their customers and build revenue, engagement, and loyalty through custom incentives, employee perks, and discount programs. The company’s private discount network of over 350,000 merchant locations is America’s largest, providing discounts of up to 50% on everyday items to millions of end-users. Access also offers the nation’s largest mobile commerce platform, featuring over 200,000 merchants offering exclusive “show your phone” mobile coupons. For more information on Access, please visit http://www.accessdevelopment.comor follow us on Twitterand LinkedIn.

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