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Let the Magic Begin

myGini is an integrated payments and shopping app that delivers the ultimate “win-win-win” for financial institutions, cardholders, and retailers. By serving as a bridge between MasterCard/Visa networks and financial institutions, myGini offers cardholders a superior shopping experience, while increasing transactional volume for retailers and financial institutions. Its real-time push notifications bring banking and credit card rewards together—as if by magic!

Preview of myGini mobile banking app
  • Cardholders get access to an array of great promos

  • Retailers can design intelligent offers and promo campaigns

  • Financial institutions build relationships with customers with every transaction

  • Real-time notifications bring them all together

Banks and FI’s

Discover our mobile banking services and app

provide better banking experience, increase activity and improve customer engagement



Discover myGini retail and mobile banking services

attract return customers by enhancing customer communication and personalizing their promotions



Discover our mobile banking app and credit card rewards for consumers

pick their favorite brands and promotions, and earn reward points as they shop.


Fun Gini facts, coming soon

We are making shopping fun again..and that makes all the difference

Users can select the brands they loved to get credit card rewards
Brands Favorited

Gini lets users select the brands they love, so they never miss an offer.

Personnalized offers for customers
Offers Searched

When our customers find your offers, they become your customers.

MyGini offers credit card rewards for consumers
Free Cups of Coffee Sipped

Gini also contributes to the rewards pool, so consumers enjoy more.

Credit Card Rewards for consumers
Rewards Redeemed

Several types of reward benefits for every type of customer.